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So fluffy!
labiachips: "Hi! I ran across your picture in the zelda tags of your tattoo, and I was wondering how much it was? I've been thinking a lot about getting the same one, and I was wondering on a price range?"

Well I drove out to Czech and payed about 70 euros, which is around 80 dollars. I’m guessing your price range should be between 80 and 150 dollars

viviancampbell: "Oh my gosh do you live in Tulsa?"

nope I live in Vienna, Austria. But I was born in Tulsa and I’m there every summer

Sound check with Tommy
Tommy being cool at band practice // with Jun

Our lovely band 
Wanted the Ron Swanson look whilst I was at disneyland 
Altoyd Tins cover foto :) click here for our fan page
Me drinking a pint in leeds : )
Me and Dec having a pint in Leeds.
My little brother is the cutest person ever!
Me being awesome with a laser pointer 
mildblaze: "Hey dude u got a triforce tat right? How much did it cost you?(if you dont mind answering it plz) :D"

Hey yeah! I got it done in Czech Republic for about 70 euros. Best investment ever right?